16 Free Personality Tests

Plus 3 Paid Personality Tests

If you have been following the blog for some time you will have seen a number of different personality test mentioned or reviewed over the years. This post is a quick summary of links to all the different tests plus some new ones and is an “archive library” of tests I have tried or which look interesting.

These tests are some of the leading psychometric tests available, many are peer-reviewed or backed with significant scientific research and include sources including Myers-Briggs, Gretchen Rubin, The Goodlife Project, Shirzad Chamine, Roger Hamilton, Penny Power OBE, Daniel Priestley, et al. I hope you enjoy the roundup.

Most tests are free, though some will offer a paid upgrade for a more detailed analysis of your answers. The free tests are usually comprehensive enough to give you a good picture. A few tests are paid only. Free tests are listed before the paid ones.

If you have any other tests you’d like to recommend or think I should add to the list, drop me a line or post in the comments.

Personality Tests

Business & Entrepreneurial Tests

Social Media Tests

If you have tried any of these (or versions of them) I would be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments also.

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