Barcelona 2014

My Story

That’s me, in Barcelona back in 2014. I was 7 years into running Meejana, my Lebanese restaurant, and was just about to embark on what was to become one of life’s greater lessons.

Shortly after returning we opened our second restaurant in London and decided that the best course of action was to work 7-days per week to sustain the business. While this is normal for business owners to do, at least initially, after 5 years of doing the same thing with only about 2 days off per year and an average working week of 80 hours, I began to wonder if I was making the right life choices.

So, in late 2017 we decided to open two more restaurants! This time we had a pair of investors on board who were going to be active in helping the group get established and grow locally and internationally. To keep it short, that hasn’t happened. One basically dropped out in 2019 just after launching the two new sites and the other has evaporated into the background.

Step back. Deep breath.

How the frack did I get here?

I have been asking myself that question for some time now and started to take it seriously in 2018 and increased the number of self-help, performance-related, psychology, business, relationship and mindset-related books I was reading. Fiction fell by the wayside and I started to devour more literature and discover new pathways. I began to understand myself more and, through training from the likes of Brendon Burchard, Dan Lok, T Harv Eker, Vishen Lakhiani, Marie Forleo and Marisa Peer, I started to better understand what makes successful people successful, but also more about the limiting beliefs and unhealthy paradigms the average Joe has which stops them being successful. And that doesn’t have to mean monetary – we’re talking fundamental happiness here.

I’m still on the journey and have uncovered conditioned models of behaviour that I unconsciously picked up from my home life that date back to my infancy, others from my childhood and my early social life, and some more from school. These are tough to unpick as they have been subconscious programs operating on auto-pilot for 50 years in some cases, and they are programs that affect my approach to money, happiness, relationships and every aspect of life.

It’s true what they say about your life and your parents: you don’t really find yourself until they are dead. This may sound a little harsh, but if you are like most people, you will have been conditioned (out of love) by your parents to behave and act in certain ways. They did this because they wanted to protect you but, often unwittingly, they actually restrained you to be merely average at best because that conditioning runs in your subconscious and controls your approach to life.

This website is my journey of discovery, through tools from the people mentioned above to many others in books and general life lessons. These are the things that are helping me become a better human and I hope that they inspire you to find your path, whatever it may be, and to become your own better human too.

If there is anything you want me to write about or cover on this site, let me know on the contact page.

Thanks for stopping by,