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I have run 3 companies since 2001 including a restaurant group operating 5 sites which I grew from nothing in 2007. After a health scare at the start of 2020, I re-evaluated my life’s goals and decided that “that” life wasn’t my path. It was time to give back and offer my wealth of business and life experience in goals, management, dreams and balance which I now do through this site, my YouTube channel and coaching select clients.

I am versed in all business management aspects from marketing to finance (including investment) to HR to management, and am well-studied in spirituality and personal development. Here are a few programs I have taken:

  • Mark Harvey of Real Life in Property
  • T Harv Eker and Success Resources on their Quantum Leap program (Millionaire Mind, Never Work Again, Guerilla Business Skills)
  • Marie Forleo in B School
  • Roger Hamilton of GeniusU
  • Brendon Burchard and GrowthDay on his HPX Program
  • Vishen Lakhiani, Marisa Peer, Jon & Missy Butcher with Mindvalley
  • Gabby Bernstein in her Bestseller Masterclass and others

Constant learning is a must and having a blend of training and coaching propels you to where you want to be. Reading a book or watching a video helps, but you need somebody next to you to help you get there, or a community if like-minded individuals to support you.

I have worked in a range of industries at different levels. This includes management consulting and business process reengineering, software development, quality assurance and project management on multi-million-pound projects in commercial aviation, maritime and the financial sector. I have also worked in Internet development in design, development, project management and pre-sales.

I have been an associate of the Association of Project Managers and was listed in the International Who’s Who of Professionals in 2001. You can check out my full work history here.

Authenticity Respect Trust

I use a variety of methods and frameworks drawn from my varied history. This chequered past provides different perspectives and often yields unexpected insights as we work together.

At the heart of my process is the “ART” of Coaching:

Authenticity • Respect • Trust

Our work is between us and the stage is open to explore anything that comes up or needs to be reviewed. I also draw on experience ranging from theatrical event production to ancient wisdom to psychology and lessons learned in film and television. I explore many viewpoints to better inform the situation.

The whole process equates to one of “Conscious Engineering” where we explore the holistic nature of how the different segments of your life fit together – or, more accurately, how you want them to fit together. It’s often surprising that something in our financial segment can affect something in our contribution segment, or health and fitness challenges can affect our emotional life.


When I was in my earlier 20s figuring out life, I asked Ed lots of questions about the fundamentals of business and running a restaurant. I still apply Ed’s business lessons to this day. I am grateful for Ed’s knowledge for teaching me the ropes of business.

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