Actors: Marianne Farley

Poster for the movie "Imaginaerum"


It started very confusingly, feeling like an evil version of the kid’s animation The Snowman. However, as it unravelled it became clear we were seeing the inner delirium of the old man and his family issues played out. The Nightwish score (from the album of the same name) made sense in this context and worked well as an overall film and presentation of the man’s near insanity and his resolution and redemption.


20121 h 20 min

Imaginaerum tells the story of an elderly composer, Tom, who suffers from severe dementia. As he has had the disease for years and has regressed into childhood, he remembers practically nothing from his adult life. His music, friends, all his past including the memory of his daughter are a blur in his fragile mind. All he has left is the imagination of a ten year old boy. As he drifts away into coma, it seems impossible to get back what he has lost. Or is it?

Director Stobe Harju
Runtime 1 h 20 min
Release Date 10 November 2012
Movie Media VoD
Movie Status
Movie Rating Very good
Starring: Marianne Farley, Quinn Lord, Francis X. McCarthy, Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen, Ilkka Villi, Marco Hietala, Anette Olzon, Emppu Vuorinen, Jukka Nevalainen, Ron Lea, Stéphane Demers, Madison McAleer, Joanna Noyes