Become the Best Version of Yourself

So, I just launched my first course in my new “Rise Academy.” The course is called “Become the Best Version of Yourself” and contains about an hour of video training as well as a number of exercises for you to do, both online in quiz format and offline in your workbook (that comes with the course) or in your journal.

As with all good online programs, you get lifetime access – including updates – plus bonus materials for joining. As this is my first course, there is a special offer on it. I’m not sure how long this will last, so please check out the full description here.

The key learnings in this course are that you will:

  • Learn to Live Your Best Life and Claim Your Personal Power.
  • Learn how to Create Safe Boundaries.
  • Become Self-aware.
  • Reveal the Subconscious Blocks holding you back.
  • Take the Lead in your Life, instead of feeling like you’re dancing to other people’s tunes.
  • Increase Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.
  • Control your sabotaging Inner Monologue.

And it’s perfect for anybody who:

  • Feels lost.
  • Feels like they have no direction.
  • Feels out of control of their life.
  • Know they’re a people-pleaser.
  • Doesn’t feel like they can be themself around others.
  • Doubts or fears what might happen (ie they suffer from anxiety).

So if you think it could be for you, go check it out. Or if you know somebody it might suit, please forward it to them. And if you want to see everything you’re getting in an easy-to-scan format, please check this overview here.

And remember to sign-up for my newsletter as I will be sending out more details and more updates on new courses as they are released. And maybe – just maybe – one or two more extra-special offers for my insiders.

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