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Pokemon around the campfire

A Roleplayer’s view of Pokémon GO


Pokémon GO is a global phenomenon. You can’t avoid it (unless it’s not available in your country). Stories are in the press almost daily (shortly after release at least), but the novelty soon wears off.

Pokemon GO

Essential Tips For Pokémon GO

Starting Out has Never Been so Easy … ?

I won’t take credit for these tips – I’ll leave that the guys over at who published them originally. However, I will add a few of my own comments as a newbie having tried the game for a while. I will add that there won’t be any more updates after end July 2016 as I have now deleted the game. There just wasn’t enough depth to it for me and I’d prefer to read a book!

Chad Food Crisis

Sliding Website Ads Destroy the Value of Content

Is it just me, or has the web advertising industry lost the plot?

I get the point of advertising where there is high value content – you get more readers (eyeballs) and therefore a potential for more clicks. That advertising is more valuable and generates more revenue for the site on which it is advertised.

Is Reality Really Real?

A recent experiment by researchers at ANU (Australian National University) into the quantum behaviour of particles seems to suggest that reality appears not to exist until it is actually measured. According to [Associate Professor Andrew] Truscott, the results mean that if you choose to believe that the single atom really did take a particular path (or paths), then you have to accept that a future measurement is affecting the atom’s past.

Old World, New Order

We are connected. Technology connects us, enables us, informs us, educates us, and entertains us. It’s not equal, not everybody has access and not everybody uses technology the same way: Different economies, different cultures, different expectations. It’s easy to assume global uniformity, but we must adapt to the local environmental considerations. Wherever you look, technology (not just the Web) enables communities in radical ways, from simple text-messaging news systems connecting remote communities in India, to full-streaming live video in the always-on super-connected (generally affluent) ever-spreading hubs in other corners of the world.

Fanatics, Terrorists or Righteous?

Is a child raised on the “good book” simply given a good moral education, or are they brainwashed by their parents’ adherence to their skewed version of the ideology? And in so doing, do the parents unwittingly sow the seeds to grow a warrior for the cause instead of a rounded human being? The young human mind is delicate and can be forever fused by dogma. Choose wisely how you raise your children for each is the hologram of our collective future.


The Islamic State & the failure of Western Journalism

When I first read about this, the story was in the non-mainstream press and was confusing. What was not clear was the agenda. Most referred to the organisation as the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria but then used both ISIS and ISIL as the acronym for this. Why ISIL? Shortly afterwards, Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant appeared which covered a much wider area than originally mentioned. Could this simply be the early stages of the news breaking as disparate sources slowly pieced the picture together from differing fragments of the whole picture?