• Tea being tied by hand

    Uncovering the health secrets of tea

    Everyone knows that a cup of tea is good for you, but the exact reasons for this are not clear. To discover the fundamentals of tea’s health benefits, scientists in Germany have investigated the interactions of compounds from tea with cells on a molecular level. Both green and black tea contain around 30,000 polyphenolic compounds, some of which have been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and inflammation. Despite their positive effects, which have been seen in epidemiological findings and clinical trials, their exact biochemical mechanism is still not clear. Polyphenols can act as antioxidants, and for a long time, this was thought to be…

  • Barcelona 2014

    My Fitness Journey & the Century Push Quest

    Never thought I’d be here, or posting an article about health and fitness to be honest. I’ve always had a curiosity about what goes into the foods I eat, and have always been cautious about the hidden additives and artificial ingredients, and always tried to stay active and therefore “fit”. However, I didn’t really start travelling the “fit” road until about 2 years ago – September 2010 to be precise. Why is it important to work out? During the summer of 2010, I had been reading more about entrepreneurialism and what it means to run your own business. Much of this was not new to me as I had been…

  • Molokhia

    The Health Benefits of Egyptian Spinach (Molokhiya)

    Since 1964, Junji Takano had been eating Egyptian spinach almost every day during his travels in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines. The Japanese started to plant molokhiya sometime in 1980 for Japanese daily vegetable consumption especially in the Miyagi prefecture. Today it has spread all over Japan, and you can now find it in all vegetable and convenience stores, including its seed for hobbyists to plant in their small backyard gardens.

  • Almonds

    The Health Benefits of Almonds

    The health benefits of eating almonds include the consumption of a certain form of vitamin E that is a very important antioxidant. This means it helps neutralize free radicals, which if unchecked, can result in disease and illness. The Almond Board of California says that most Americans do not get nearly enough vitamin E in their diet, and touts that just one ounce of almonds (about 23) contains 35% of the Daily Value for vitamin E. Almonds can also help you lose weight. Because they contain fibre, protein, and the good type of fat, they help keep you full, making them an ideal healthy snack. They are perfect for stashing…