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The opening of Karl’s petting zoo promises to be the start of a new, brighter chapter in his life, but an unexpected meeting threatens to destroy everything he has worked for.

Back Alley


Carlos is given a life-or-death task by his boss and while pondering the gravity of it, he is distracted by a dog that wanders into a derelict boxing gym. Driven by compassion, he seeks to rescue the dog and confronts his own demons, making a choice between good and evil.

Foggy Road

The Journey

The freezing mist oozed up the river bank and slowly filled the main street. Echoes from late night revellers lingered in eddies drifting away half heard. He walked on watching the vapours swirl gently around the corners of the local shops, the orange incandescence from the sodium lamps painting everything in shades of ochre. A shadow moved in a doorway – two lovers unlocked lips and looked at him as he passed them by, glancing only out of curiosity. Beads of mist condensed slowly on his glasses as he wiped an old handkerchief through his long hair to mop up some of the damp. He had been walking for what seemed like hours and hoped he would be there soon.


The Incident

Not wholly human, nor completely vespertilian, their bodies glistened as they came, tumbling through the night sky with abhorrent and deliberate ease. Their wide, empty, white eyes pierced the darkness which cloaked them. They struck with frightening voracity, precise in every manner, their three-clawed feet stretched out to welcome their prey.

Starlit Refrain

The Field

Eerie. Haunting. Secret.

Until now.

I have to tell. It’s been gnawing at my soul on still evenings; evenings which conjure the memory of that night, that place. Ugh, it makes me nauseous even now.

What happened? You really want to know?

The Millenium Murders

Evening has drawn its inky velvet curtains across the tapestry of the day and only the faint memories of once magnificent stars now dot the skies, keeping only the full moon as their guide in the darkness. You sit in the back of a black 1920 Citro…