Advice for Coping with Online Trolls

Troll Hunter

I read a letter from Tucker Max in the book Choose Yourself! which I thought totally on point about dealing with negative online trolls. It was written to James Altucher about his blog, but can equally apply to any field where you get public feedback. Here is the letter, and I also recommend the book (link above). “I assume your blog post was mostly tongue in cheek about the feedback affecting you in a negative way. But if not, then please

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Should TripAdvisor be regulated?


TripAdvisor has its good points, but also its bad. It has grown so large that it has absolute decree on everything it does with no checks or balances. Here are a few examples that my business has fallen foul of over the past couple of years. Guilty, because they say so In January 2015, I received an email from TripAdvisor. We were number 1 in Weybridge at the time and the email read: It has come to our attention that

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The Restaurant Delivery Market 2016Q3

Three Horses

Since my last post on restaurant delivery services in London (2016Q1), uberEATS have launched. There are still a plethora of players in the market (including Quiqup and Henchman clones like Bring It), but it’s really becoming a three-horse race now. uberEATS The 800-pound gorilla just entered the room. Deliveroo have long been fearful of UBER launching the UK and now they have. Although they are not as ubiquitous as Deliveroo (yet) they offer a very efficient iPad-based ordering system and

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A Brief Lesson in Restaurant Economics


Or why your Espresso costs that much Back in December 2015, Hannah C from North Yorkshire left an angry TripAdvisor review for Bennett’s Cafe and Bistro in High Petergate complaining that she was on a tight budget and still charged £2 for a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon. You can read her original review on Lost at E Minor which lead to the following response from the bistro which I post here verbatim as it’s an

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Does SONOS Fail its Commercial Use Case?


Why can’t providers share explicit filters? I have been looking at SONOS as a tool to stream music in my restaurants. It’s a great system with the option to play different music in different rooms, and you can even convert an existing wired system into a SONOS streaming system with a single additional box. The salesman I spoke to told me about hotels that connect up to 42 different speakers so they can offer streaming in different rooms. The promise

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Improving Delivery Partner Supply Chain Loyalty

Deliveroo App

(Some Customers think it’s OK to Jump the Queue) There are lots of delivery partners in London – Deliveroo, Henchman, Jinn, Quiqup, Bring It, Take Eat Easy, Caterwings, etc – and each charges a sizeable percentage to the restaurant as commission for handling orders and providing marketing through their platform. More on that here (Q4 2015) and here (Q1 2016). As the customer orders from the delivery partner, all their information is held by said partner. Since data has value,

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Should Restaurants Charge Cakeage?

Birthday Cake

Would you bring your own food to a restaurant? There are two, sometimes conflicting, rules in the restaurant business: The restaurant’s duty is to create memorable experiences for the guest The restaurant makes and sells food in order to pay its bills and make a profit In general, when a guest arrives and does what is expected of them – i.e. orders things from your menu that you have carefully designed or selected – and pays the bill we are

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The Restaurant Delivery Market 2016Q1

Stuart Delivery Riders

In October 2015 I wrote about the restaurant delivery market in London and made a few predictions. The market has changed quickly with the most notable changes being as follows: Resto-in (formerly Room Service) pulled out of the UK market in March 2016 Dinein ceased trading in mid 2015 Deliveroo has expanded globally but is now subject to significant external (shareholder) pressure Jinn is expanding into West London and has a social media differentiator New service providers are launching focused

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