Empath Awakening: How to Stop Absorbing Pain, Stress, and Negative Energy from Others and Start Healing

Empath Awakening: How to Stop Absorbing Pain, Stress, and Negative Energy from Others and Start Healing Book Cover
Empath Awakening: How to Stop Absorbing Pain, Stress, and Negative Energy from Others and Start Healing Psychology Erik Lynch Audiobook 3h 2m Audible

Do you know what it’s like to walk into a crowded room and suddenly be struck with an overwhelming feeling – be it sadness, fear, or loneliness? Are you the one others come to when they need to share their problems as if they are drawn to you? Maybe, you sense that somehow, feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression are creeping into your life through exposure to others. In other words, you suspect you are an empath!

Highly sensitive people can not only detect, but actually feel the emotions of people around them, and this often leaves them helplessly vulnerable to harsh, unwanted emotional experiences and even danger if they don’t know how to defend against it. This unchecked exposure can result in disorienting mood swings or simply having a strong desire to spend time alone. But escaping the crowd is not always the real solution to dodging these emotions or, even worse, the empath’s worst enemy: the narcissist.

It is important to learn to protect yourself and your own mental health so that you are capable of using your gift effectively.

In this audiobook, you will discover:

Hidden empathic abilities you are probably unaware you possess
The single best tool empaths can use to prevent exhaustion
The eight unmistakable signs of being empathic you should know about
Strong tools to avoid negative energy and how to self-heal
Secrets of how to read energy and how to use it
Role of energy healing, how it comes into play, and how to use it on others
Simple protection and shielding techniques from narcissists and energy vampires
The nine types of empaths and how to identify your type

And much more…

Even if you don’t believe the negativity you are absorbing is affecting your life, you deserve to experience freedom from it. Protect yourself by learning what hundreds of empaths like yourself have already learned and how to finally stop negative emotion in its tracks, start listening today.

Another easily accessible read from Kara Lawrence which has the usual blend of helpful checklists as well as explorations of the key concepts of being empathetic. I like that Kara does not simply lay out what an empath is and how they function, but she contrasts this with the opposite personality types of ‘energy vampires’ which come in all shapes and sizes and also goes further to provide a shopping list of techniques you (the empath) can use to protect yourself from said ‘vampires’ and other external factors which can deplete your gifts.

Here is an overview of the chapters in the book:

Chapter One: Are you empathetic? Understanding these 8 traits that empaths possess
Chapter Two: What Is an Empath? The 9 types of empaths
Chapter Three: What Are Empathic Abilities?
Chapter Four: Why do empaths feel overwhelmed and exhausted? Avoiding negative energy
Chapter Five: Self-healing for empaths
Chapter Six: Empath Awakening: The 3 phases of your empathic growth journey. How to read and use energy.
Chapter Seven: What is Energy Healing and is it Dangerous? Are you an empath healer?
Chapter Eight: Energy shielding for empaths
Chapter Nine: Why are Empaths and Narcissists Drawn to Each Other?
Chapter Ten: Some Pitfalls of Being an Empath Final Words

Interesting chapters for me were chapter 8 (energy shielding) which discusses a shielding visualisation technique, finding your voice in your relationship to express your needs, setting energetic boundaries where you need them, preventing overload, and a jaguar protection meditation for when things get tough (which I also list below).

I also liked chapter five which discussed different healing techniques including chi kung (see also my outline of Zhan Zhuang and 8 Strands of the Brocade techniques), acupuncture, meditation, crystals and quantum healing.

I have had a fascination with narcissism (as evidenced by other book reviews on this site), so chapter nine was interesting, as was Kara’s companion book called Toxic Magnetism.

Overall I found this an insightful book and a useful toolkit to understand the empathic personality as well as its relationship to other types which can lead to toxic situations.

Jaguar Protection Meditation

When you need extra protection use this meditation to call on the power of the jaguar to protect you. You can use it when there is too much negativity coming at you. The jaguar is a fierce and patient guard who can keep toxic energy and people away.

In a calm meditative state, from your centre, call on the spirit of the jaguar to protect you. Feel her presence enter. Then, visualize this gorgeous, powerful creature patrolling your energy field, encircling it, protecting you, keeping out intruders or negative forces that want to get through. Picture what the jaguar looks like: his or her beautiful, fierce, loving eyes; sleek body; the graceful, purposeful way the jaguar moves. Feel secure in the circle of this jaguar’s protection.

Give thanks to the jaguar. Know that you can call on her whenever there is a need. Feel the power of that.

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