Has religion been sold out? Are we lost in translation?

I had a dream where I went down into a deep cave and on a rectangular-cut stone (cement?) throne which was situated in a small square area of dirt was sitting God. On his left, separated by a low, rough hewn natural stone wall, and standing in a square of dirt was The Christ. In the background to the left was Lucifer (the angel, not the Devil) and to his left was a man (definitely a man because I asked in the dream) called Charles. He seemed to be the influencer in all this.I entered through a gate of some description from the left of the scene, and immediately up to the left was a crest/motif of exquisite detail and value. It was like a Chinese serpent but intertwined with plain curves of gold and green (paint/jade?).

The premise was that the religion could be “bought” or traded if God wanted to, is all you had to do was ask. After some discussion about the philosophy of this, it transpired that the head figures in the religion were essentially secondary to the main purpose of the religion – which is why they were confined to this “dungeon”. The places of Heaven and Hell were mind-states created by the followers of the religion and not places maintained by the head figures for the followers. The perpetuation of these places by the priests was a device to control/influence the followers and it was no longer about the principles or teachings of the head figures.

The scene moved to essentially packaging the head figures into a container and dropping them through a hole into a dark, rough-cut cellar beneath the cave as if discarding them as a result of the discussion above. The religion would continue without them. Charles was pleased because he could now go about his life again, and Lucifer was also happy. He was not evil, having transformed from the archetypal winged devil figure at the start of the dream, but just another being who could now get on with his life. It was as if he had assumed the “evil” mantle because of the existence of the dogma of the religion of God and The Christ as perpetrated by the priests, and not by the beings themselves.

The most prominent figure in the dream was Charles – a mesomorph figure with dark hair and blue eyes. A traditional alpha-male who looked like Gordon Gekko from Wall Street. The next most prominent figure was Lucifer, followed by The Christ and then God, although these last two characters were almost just an awareness in the dream rather than a face to face presence.

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