Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne Scam

Looks like there is a scam going around the email for this grand marque champagne. If you get an email like the one below, ignore it unless you want to lose a lot of money (Cristal 2002 is approx £175 per bottle):

To: <undisclosed recipients>

Subject: Louis Reoderer Crystal Champagne Order

Hello ,

We are interested in ordering 24 bottles of Louis Reoderer Crystal Champagne 2002 vintage (In Gift Boxes if available) for an event On MAY 25th but we need them on hand before then .Let us know how soon you can get them . we will get back to you with the Credit Card number as soon as we get the total cost for the cases and we will arrange for the pick up at your location as soon as payment is clear

Looking forward to your kind reply

Thank You

James Miller

Why is this obviously fake?

Firstly, it’s not addressed specifically to your company. Instead, it has been sent to a hidden list of recipients. Next, there are numerous typographic errors (especially in the name of the champagne). And finally, I have had about 4 of them now, all from different people with the same text for “an event” in approximately 2 weeks time. Oh, and we don’t sell Cristal.

Or maybe you could arrange for the police to be there when they do come to pick them up? Though it wouldn’t surprise me if they used a random stranger to do the pick up to cover their tracks as does happen.

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