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London Has Fallen

This time London gets the treatment (and spoilers ahead).

The opening builds up to the ‘world leaders’ gathering in London for the funeral of the Prime Minister of the UK. This leads to massive carnage as a terrorist organisation has planned for just this eventuality and, basically, blows up the major landmarks in London and manages to kill the majority of the leaders in the process through (excessive) precision – e.g. blow up a bridge with two mobile units to take out the Japanese Premier who happens to be stuck in traffic there, or take out the French Premier on the river by blowing up a barge full of explosives as it was passing, or blow up the correct corner of Westminster Abbey to take out the Italian Permier who happened to be taking a private tour instead of going to the funeral. Apparently, they knew all this ahead of time to set this up. Yet send teams of motorbike riders after the President of the USA on a chase across London and again after they down his helicopter with an RPG (which he walks out of).

Oh, and it turns out that the UK Prime Minister’s death was an assassination, but they didn’t figure this out until after the funeral was arranged, everybody had arrived and carnage ensued – they found poison in his blood work which you think they would have discovered within 24 hours given his position and aborted the whole funeral.

And there was “no chatter” about this major attack that had been two years in the planning.

I find that very hard to believe.

So, it’s an action movie that essentially paints the patriotic USA as the survive-everything hero of the piece, and the final piece from the Embassy to the secret terrorist den feels like something out of Call of Duty. They never explain how the bad guys manage to plan anything this big other than an aside that “they are shielded by governments” so does sort of hint that most events of any scale are organised by state actors of some description and each begets a response since you cannot stand by and do nothing. Rote.

There was more than one occasion where I thought “this is just ridiculous” and nearly switched off, but was curious to see what tale was told. Sadly it was pretty much by-the-book.

Except for one character: MI6 Jacquelin Marshall aka “Jacks”. She was introduced late in the film at an MI6 safe house as “somebody you don’t fuck with” (though we never really knew why) and went on to unravel the mystery and discover the mole. Her brief arc felt the most real – a computer hack to restore the CCTV leading to the discovery of the mole, and his final execution in a deserted underground garage – and I think there is mileage in developing her character as a female Bond-style operative as long as we cut out the massive set pieces and landmarks destruction which seems to be popular now.

London Has Fallen

The world's leaders have assembled. So have their enemies.

20161 h 39 min

In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

Director Babak Najafi
Runtime 1 h 39 min
Release Date 2 March 2016
Budget $60,000,000
Revenue $205,754,447
Movie Media VoD
Movie Status
Movie Rating Average
Starring: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Melissa Leo, Robert Forster, Shivani Ghai, Sean O'Bryan, Radha Mitchell, Jackie Earle Haley, Charlotte Riley, Mehdi Dehbi, Colin Salmon, Alon Aboutboul, Jorge Leon Martinez, Waleed Zuaiter, Adel Bencherif, Michael Wildman, Penny Downie, Patrick Kennedy, Deborah Grant, Andrew Pleavin, Nigel Whitmey, Julia Montgomery Brown, Elsa Mollien, Philip Delancy, Nikesh Patel, Nancy Baldwin, Terence Beesley

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