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Mechanic: Resurrection

Some lovely locations for this action outing from Statham. A generic blackmail plot with a loose hook and stereotypically ineffective goons opens the movie to leave the bad guy pulling the strings and send Statham on three kill missions or his new girlfriend dies. Given he had never seen her before, he’s suddenly ‘in love’ with her and becomes the noble hero. Cue a series of generic, if briefly innovative, sequences which (sadly) are prefaced with voiceovers along the lines of “this is the hardest place you can get into, ever.” This formula has been implemented much more effectively in other movies, and better suits a single mission which we can introduce more twists and turns, get more involved with the protagonists and learn to hate the antagonist. Sadly by trying to be three missions in one, we get a pedestrian movie that rushes from sequence to sequence because it seems like we have to just get through it all for the finale. Which is also generic. Meh.

Mechanic: Resurrection

Four continents. Three kills... Or the love of his life is dead.

20161 h 39 min

Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life. Now he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them look like accidents.

Director Dennis Gansel
Runtime 1 h 39 min
Release Date 25 August 2016
Budget $40,000,000
Revenue $125,729,635
Movie Media VoD
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not that bad
Starring: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Natalie Burn, Yayaying Rhatha Phongam, John Cenatiempo, Bonnie Zellerbach, Vithaya Pansringarm, Aaron Brumfield, Andrew Stehlin, Sam Hazeldine, Atanas Srebrev, Anteo Quintavalle, Femi Elufowoju Jr., Toby Eddington, Stuart Thorp, Alex Kuzelicki, Brahim Achabbakhe, Thomas Kiwi, Francis Tonkala Tamouya, Tais Rodrigues Dias, Lynette Emond, Allan Poppleton, Maethi Thapthimthong, Soji Ikai, Chatchawai Kamonsakpitak, Yothin Udomsanti, Rachel O'Meara, Armin Parvin