Encyclopedia Entry Causes: Religion is thought to be a form of Group III: Zoophaginae pandoravirus. The virus itself is thought to be benign, but for the existence of the satellite virus which exists in many, but not all, Homo Sapiens. Current studies are investigating the theory that variations in the satellite family cause different emergence vectors for religion, i.e. religion exhibits different symptoms in different hosts and these are classified as different strains of religion. The earliest Pan Narrans created

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The First Watch

Further to A New Worldview where we provided some commentary and analysis of the 6EQUJ5 (cygnus) signals decrypted from SETI thus far, we have uncovered a communication which offers some insight into the ‘elders’ mentioned in the original memory fragments (assuming they are the same). The portents are clear and suggest a quantum change in our existence: They had messed it up. The humans. They couldn’t help themselves. They forgot who they were, forgot what they could be. Went to

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