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Your Digital Footprint Delete Button

Bin Cage

Why can’t I delete my account easily? It baffles me in the technology age why so much stock is given to privacy, user permissions, control over your own data, etc, etc. It baffles me because in almost every single app there is no simple way to ‘please delete my account and my data as I don’t want to be part of this system any longer.’ For emails, they passed laws that insist that opt-in is mandatory, and that there is

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A Brief Lesson in Restaurant Economics


Or why your Espresso costs that much Back in December 2015, Hannah C from North Yorkshire left an angry TripAdvisor review for Bennett’s Cafe and Bistro in High Petergate complaining that she was on a tight budget and still charged £2 for a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon. You can read her original review on Lost at E Minor which lead to the following response from the bistro which I post here verbatim as it’s an

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The Epics of Gilgamesh


Origin Stories from Sumer Introduction About 30 years ago, back around 1986, I spent a lot of time in libraries reading through anthropology, history and mythology books looking for the origin of origin stories. I was writing my own role playing universe (and system) and developing the back story. I was looking for something different and wanted to create something I could call my own without being accused of adopting any of the stories from the time. I traced lines

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Does SONOS Fail its Commercial Use Case?


Why can’t providers share explicit filters? I have been looking at SONOS as a tool to stream music in my restaurants. It’s a great system with the option to play different music in different rooms, and you can even convert an existing wired system into a SONOS streaming system with a single additional box. The salesman I spoke to told me about hotels that connect up to 42 different speakers so they can offer streaming in different rooms. The promise

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A Roleplayer’s view of Pokémon GO

Pokemon around the campfire

Meh. Pokémon GO is a global phenomenon. You can’t avoid it (unless it’s not available in your country). Stories are in the press almost daily (shortly after release at least), but the novelty soon wears off. Sure, there are hordes of players who are addicted and out there day and night collecting them all. It gets them off the couch and out doing some exercise, breathing the fresh air and discovering things about the neighbourhood they probably never knew. And

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Essential Tips For Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO

Starting Out has Never Been so Easy … ? I won’t take credit for these tips – I’ll leave that the guys over at who published them originally. However, I will add a few of my own comments as a newbie having tried the game for a while. I will add that there won’t be any more updates after end July 2016 as I have now deleted the game. There just wasn’t enough depth to it for me and

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Brexit vs Article 50

UK Hot Air Balloon

How do we leave the EU? A summary from the excellent MoneyWeek on the process of Brexit. How do we begin Brexit? Britain has to formally notify the European Council of its intention do so. The process is laid out in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, though it appears that since nobody ever thought anybody would do this, Article 50 is vague, only 250 words long and has just 5 clauses. Once notice is formally served, the “Union shall

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The Case for Geoengineering

Doctor Strange

So, you’re Caretaker of the World (that’s the Number One, the Big Boss, Head Honcho, You Know Who) and your advisers are lining up to tell you how things are out there. You listen absently … All goes well abroad, sir. However, we are concerned about the ever-increasing global population. Despite measures to curb growth (e.g. birth control), just the sheer weight of numbers itself acts as an accelerator. The population spike after the Second World War triggered this condition

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