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The Journey

Foggy Road

The freezing mist oozed up the river bank and slowly filled the main street. Echoes from late night revellers lingered in eddies drifting away half heard. He walked on watching the vapours swirl gently around the corners of the local shops, the orange incandescence from the sodium lamps painting everything in shades of ochre. A shadow moved in a doorway – two lovers unlocked lips and looked at him as he passed them by, glancing only out of curiosity. Beads of mist condensed

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Sliding Website Ads Destroy the Value of Content

Chad Food Crisis

Is it just me, or has the web advertising industry lost the plot? I get the point of advertising where there is high value content – you get more readers (eyeballs) and therefore a potential for more clicks. That advertising is more valuable and generates more revenue for the site on which it is advertised. But … There are 2 ad types I have seen recently that completely destroy the value content in which they are placed. The two types

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Boris Becker

To define it simply, Gamesmanship is “The Art of Winning Games without actually cheating.” But shouldn’t winning naturally follow experience, practice and determination? Quite often, but the lesser player can still win if he employs a little tactical Gamesmanship throughout the match. So many books have been written on the subject of games and the tactics of play, but so few have been written on the art of winning. Where did Gamesmanship originate? It’s a little hazy, but out of

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The Incident


Not wholly human, nor completely vespertilian, their bodies glistened as they came, tumbling through the night sky with abhorrent and deliberate ease. Their wide, empty, white eyes pierced the darkness which cloaked them. They struck with frightening voracity, precise in every manner, their three-clawed feet stretched out to welcome their prey. James was first; the razor-sharp claws pierced his torso and closed around his ribs, blood running from the incisions. It closed a stunted, clawed hand around James’ head to

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The EU Referendum

Follow Your Dreams

A War of Propaganda The EU Referendum on 23 June 2016 is hailed as the most significant date in recent history for the UK. It is decision-day, to remain in the EU, or to leave. It’s an IN/OUT choice, binary; an A/B Test at its core. However, the reality of the situation is much more complex. There is a spectrum between in and out, ranging from all in (which we aren’t at the moment) to all out with a few

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The Field

Starlit Refrain

Eerie. Haunting. Secret. Until now. I have to tell. It’s been gnawing at my soul on still evenings; evenings which conjure the memory of that night, that place. Ugh, it makes me nauseous even now. What happened? You really want to know? OK, but it’s really no big thing, it’s just my story. Really. Go on? OK, OK, don’t rush me. A story like this deserves a little reflection first just to make sure I get the facts right. Facts?

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Improving Delivery Partner Supply Chain Loyalty

Deliveroo App

(Some Customers think it’s OK to Jump the Queue) There are lots of delivery partners in London – Deliveroo, Henchman, Jinn, Quiqup, Bring It, Take Eat Easy, Caterwings, etc – and each charges a sizeable percentage to the restaurant as commission for handling orders and providing marketing through their platform. More on that here (Q4 2015) and here (Q1 2016). As the customer orders from the delivery partner, all their information is held by said partner. Since data has value,

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Should Restaurants Charge Cakeage?

Birthday Cake

Would you bring your own food to a restaurant? There are two, sometimes conflicting, rules in the restaurant business: The restaurant’s duty is to create memorable experiences for the guest The restaurant makes and sells food in order to pay its bills and make a profit In general, when a guest arrives and does what is expected of them – i.e. orders things from your menu that you have carefully designed or selected – and pays the bill we are

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