Welcome to the first step into the life of your dreams.

I’m Edward Terry, your personal success coach.

Do you lack perspective or confidence, struggle with bad habits, feel you’re a people-pleaser, face apparently insurmountable challenges, need some accountability to move forwards, or find your manifestation attempts just don’t work out like you intended?

That’s where I come in.

I help you reignite your passion, attune to your highest frequency, reclaim your confidence and adopt the resilient mindset needed to achieve the life of your dreams. I use a holistic method of Conscious Engineering™ blending neuroscience, psychology and metaphysics to create a bespoke methodology for you.

How my Coaching can Help you ...

Working together to fix a puzzle


You have a problem that needs solving. It is something immediate that just needs some additional learning, training or skills to overcome. This kind of coaching or consulting can be delivered in a single session, or a short series of sessions depending on the complexity of the task at hand.

Playing Chess


Your issue here is broader than just an activity you need some help with. It is usually a recurring issue that can happen in different scenarios and may require deeper work to find and resolve the issue that is creating this repeating problem. This coaching is usually delivered across a series of sessions, depending on the complexity of the issue.

Person Loving the Breeze


Most people don’t set out looking for transformational coaching as the issue is often assumed more mundane. Transformational coaching looks at the holistic picture and changes your perspective on situations and life through deeper work. These shifts create significant change in your relationship with life and have life-long results.

Why Choose Me as Your Coach?


I use a variety of methods and frameworks drawn from my varied history. This chequered past provides different perspectives and often yields unexpected insights as we work together.

At the heart of my process is the “ART” of Coaching:

Authenticity • Respect • Trust

Our work is between us and the stage is open to explore anything that comes up or needs to be reviewed. While my business experience can be seen to the right, I also draw on experience ranging from theatrical event production to ancient wisdom to psychology. I explore many viewpoints to better inform the situation.

Edward Terry

Edward Terry

Want to Know More?


I have run 3 companies since 2001 including two restaurant companies operating 5 sites. As a company director I am versed in all business management aspects from marketing to finance (including investment) to HR to management.

I have also worked for 33 years in a range of industries at different levels. This includes management consulting and business process reengineering, software development, quality assurance and project management on multi-million pound projects in commercial aviation, maritime and the financial sector. I have also worked in Internet development in design, development, project management and pre-sales.

I have been an associate of the Association of Project Managers and was listed in the International Who’s Who of Professionals in 2001.


When I was in my earlier 20s figuring out life, I asked Ed lots of questions about the fundamentals of business and running a restaurant. I still apply Ed’s business lessons to this day. I am grateful for Ed’s knowledge for teaching me the ropes of business.

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Free Resources from Me ...

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A Selection of Blog Posts ...

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