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The indispensable guide to developing a personal brand, building an audience, and nurturing followers, by digital marketing thought-leader Cynthia Johnson. In the modern world, influence is everything, and personal branding equals influence. Platform is the why-to, how-to handbook by top expert Cynthia Johnson for everyone who wants to develop and manage a personal brand. In Platform, Johnson explains the process of going from unknown to influencer by achieving personal proof, social proof, recognition, and association. Johnson herself went from an on-staff social media manager to social media influencer, entrepreneur, and marketing thought leader in just three years using her process of accelerated brand development, continuous brand management, and strategic growth. 

Platform is a book about personal branding and how Cynthia created her own platform to represent herself across the social channels, how she ‘growth hacked’ her profiles to connect to the right people, and the strategies she employed (which you can use too) to accurately position and define how she wanted to be seen online. The book contains a number of easily actionable ‘quick-wins’ in the early stages then delves deeper into game theory and the need to consider the algorithms the social media platforms use when connecting with others; which Cynthia calls the invisible third-party in the connection.

The book also contains a lot of other interesting information outside of social media by way of examples. It also leads you to tools which can help you better understand how you are seen online across areas such as how you are perceived in terms of age, gender, the big 5 personality types, intelligence, life satisfaction, leadership potential, Jungian personality type (aka Myers Briggs), political orientation, religious orientation, education, and relationship status.

The additional resources provided online (linked via the book) are excellent and help you more easily align and manage your online presence. Both easy to follow, and in-depth in the later stages for the truly serious online dweller, this is an excellent book in not only why personal branding matters but how do implement yours. Read it today.

You can read my experiments with the Cambridge University Apply Magic Sauce tool outlined in the book in my recent post: What is your real personality type?

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