The Epics of Gilgamesh


Origin Stories from Sumer Introduction About 30 years ago, back around 1986, I spent a lot of time in libraries reading through anthropology, history and mythology books looking for the origin of origin stories. I was writing my own role playing universe (and system) and developing the back story. I was looking for something different and wanted to create something I could call my own without being accused of adopting any of the stories from the time. I traced lines

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Encyclopedia Entry Causes: Religion is thought to be a form of Group III: Zoophaginae pandoravirus. The virus itself is thought to be benign, but for the existence of the satellite virus which exists in many, but not all, Homo Sapiens. Current studies are investigating the theory that variations in the satellite family cause different emergence vectors for religion, i.e. religion exhibits different symptoms in different hosts and these are classified as different strains of religion. The earliest Pan Narrans created

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The Mystery of the Soul

Everybody has a soul. The soul is immortal. Some believe it to come into existence only when the body first takes a breath of life. The soul can unite with the divine. Everything has a soul. Only humans have a soul. There are many - sometimes conf...

The Spirit, Reincarnation & Multiverses

Transpersonal Psychology

Some background reading before my thoughts … From Excession; Iain M Banks The usual way to explain it was by analogy; this was how the idea was introduced to you as a child. Imagine you were travelling through space and you came to this planet which was very big and almost perfectly smooth and on which there lived creatures who were composed of one layer of atoms; in effect, two-dimensional. These creatures would be born, live and die like us

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Embracing otherness, embracing myself

Actor Thandie Newton tells the story of finding her “otherness” — first, as a child growing up in two distinct cultures, and then as an actor playing with many different selves. A warm, wise talk.

Living the Full Life

Yin Yang

In business and in life, a passion for fitness plays a huge role in the life of Yash Birla, the 44-year-old chairman of the Yash Birla Group. The business magnate boasts a physique that most captains of industry can’t, and with his latest venture — a fitness DVD called 100% Living — he’s hoping to share his philosophy of wellness with others. Yash tells us that for him, 100 per cent living isn’t just a business concept, it’s a way

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Has religion been sold out? Are we lost in translation?

I had a dream where I went down into a deep cave and on a rectangular cut stone (cement?) throne which was situated in a small square area of dirt was sitting God. On his left, separated by a low, rough hewn natural stone wall, and standing in a s...

Pagan Feasts: Mabon (Thanksgiving)

Mabon is the Witches' Thanksgiving. It is the second Harvest Festival of the Witches' calendar, and it celebrates and gives thanks for the bountiful harvest of fruit, squash, grains, and vegetables. Witches meet and share celebration feasts with f...