Remembering Past Lives

If we can get past the debate about reincarnation for a moment and assume that it does happen, we are often posed the question “why can’t I remember past lives?” (Of course, if reincarnation doesn’t happen and each life is a new existence then that clearly explains why we don’t remember anything from before!)

The soul is an energetic Form that operates on a different physical plane and under different physical equations to the ones we have yet discovered. As our existing equations don’t account for the higher realms, we don’t have any proof that they exist as far as science is concerned, and ironically, our mental attitude to the possible existence of such realms further closes the possibility of inclusion in future scientific evolution. But that’s a story for another day.

Being of a different energy level and operating under different mechanics, why is it that we assume that the soul has a memory in the same way that our physical body does, or even necessarily wants one? Why is it that we anthropomorphise the soul and attribute it with our limited physical abilities?

In my view, the soul operates with a different harmonic resonance that taps into the universal energy field that permeates all things. This energy field is continuous in direction and also “time” – although time in this sense is limited to our perception and not necessarily that of the perception of the soul. And it’s this latter distinction that has the most impact on memory. Memory assumes the existence of time – memory is a recollection of a previous event in time; this is constrained to the physical existence which is created by our physical equations, which is in turn based on our (limited) physical perception.

Now, if the soul operates outside this limit and time does not exist in the same way (or at all), then memory also cannot exist in the same way. However, since the soul Form is connected to all points in the harmonic energy grid, it is possible for it to connect or channel to another physical existence, pass this information down to the physical vessel and so give the appearance of regression into a past life. It is highly likely that a person’s physical body may be predisposed to certain channels due to its chemical nature (genes, proteins, etc) which allows the soul Form to integrate experience and “extra sensory” information into the physical vessel.

This information may further imprint into the physical structure after a channel has been opened so that further regressive hypnosis may reveal the same patterns and so add weight to the belief that the person was actually Augustus (or whoever). This plays into the role of the observer in the result.

Of course, another postulate revolves around the holographic nature of matter-memory in that since every grain of matter has existed since the Big Bang, then it is possible that each grain of matter acts in a holographic manner recording / projecting what occurs around it. So, the molecules in our bodies were once part of stars, other people, interstellar dust and many things known and unknown to us. Consequently, it is proposed that the conscious mind is able to somehow tap into this holographic information and relay it.

What do you think?