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Arctic Ice

The Problem is of Course the Humans II

An article posted today on Business Insider reminded me of my earlier post ten years ago referring back to the same period (the 80s) when the problem crystallised. Here we are 30 years later and little has changed.

Twenty-nine years ago, James Hansen, the director of NASA’s Institute for Space Studies, told the US Senate that the question of the day – whether climate change was happening – was no longer in doubt. Hansen’s testimony before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on June 23, 1988, is frequently considered the most important climate change hearing in history.

Hot Planet

Is it so bad if the World gets a little bit hotter? You bet!

Many of us share some dim apprehension that the world is flying out of control, that the centre cannot hold. Raging wildfires, once-in-1,000-year storms, and lethal heat waves have become fixtures of the evening news—and all this after the planet has warmed by less than 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. But here’s where it gets really scary.

Doctor Strange

The Case for Geoengineering

So, you’re Caretaker of the World (that’s the Number One, the Big Boss, Head Honcho, You Know Who) and your advisers are lining up to tell you how things are out there. You listen absently …

How to heat a planet

Investing in Hive has significantly lowered my gas bills. And indirectly helps the economy and saves the planet at the same time. Not bad for £199.

Elysium: Ruined Los Angeles

We exceeded sustainable biomass in 1986. Now what?

I have blogged about this in the past with mentions back to a report I read in the mid-80s from the WHO. Despite trying to track this down (for my own sake more than anything), it’s very clear that we are beyond this point. In fact, this year’s Living Planet Report from the WWF states:

Our global footprint now exceeds the world’s capacity to regenerate by about 30 per cent.

Stone Age Monoliths

96 Hours to the Stone Age

Originally published at GigaOm

Today, we take for granted that we will have full Internet access and connectivity to the world 24/7/365 on our smartphones, tablets and notebooks. We expect to be able to check a sports score or connect with a loved one in 10 seconds or less.

Polar Bear

It’s not about the Polar Bears anymore

There is an interesting video over at Vimeo by Leo Murray in the UK that talks about environmental tipping points and the fact that we COULD be headed for a much hotter world and widespread civil war as people fight for habitable land, water and other scarce resources.