Intuitive shooting

Banksy Angel of Death

Intuitive shooting; Lifeless fall ­­­­­­without emotion. Habitual bloodshed; Religions war without remembering. Negative harmony; Kin are all without knowing. Unseeing visionaries; Heretical yore without doing. (c) September 1997 All Rights Reserved

Andromeda McKee Trilogy

A trilogy by William C Dietz These three books by William C Dietz are a prequel series to the Legion of the Damned series. Here is the publisher’s summary. I’ll return to my thoughts after these messages … Book 1: Andromeda’s Fall The roots of the Legion of the Damned lie deep within the mythology of the future. But now, national best-selling author William C. Dietz goes back to the Legion’s early days with the story of one recruit’s rebirth

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The Islamic State & the failure of Western Journalism


When I first read about this, the story was in the non-mainstream press and was confusing. What was not clear was the agenda. Most referred to the organisation as the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria but then used both ISIS and ISIL as the acronym for this. Why ISIL? Shortly afterwards, Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant appeared which covered a much wider area than originally mentioned. Could this simply be the early stages of the news breaking as disparate sources

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