Should Restaurants Charge Cakeage?

Birthday Cake

Would you bring your own food to a restaurant? There are two, sometimes conflicting, rules in the restaurant business: The restaurant’s duty is to create memorable experiences for the guest The restaurant makes and sells food in order to pay its bills and make a profit In general, when a guest arrives and does what is expected of them – i.e. orders things from your menu that you have carefully designed or selected – and pays the bill we are

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The TripAdvisor Generation

Is our moral compass as a species broken, or being rapidly redesigned? It’s difficult to point a finger and identify any singular incident. Many have suggested it is changes in the family group; changes in the way parents assume schools will teach the children values that should be learned at home. Many say that it is the rise of on-screen violence and reality television feeding the viewers a glut of skewed imagery and behaviour patterns which are then seen as

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What is the restaurant industry’s big problem?

Fawlty Towers

In short: Customers. I read this piece in February’s Restaurant magazine by Tony Naylor and couldn’t help but want to share it with you. You join me in A Very Good Restaurant. A waiter is asking the woman at the next table how she liked her main. Basically, she didn’t. There was too much thyme, or was it rosemary? And the lamb was overdone. The waiter smiles dutifully, grimaces sympathetically and diplomatically avoids pointing out that neither herb was present

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