A very British Brexit

David vs Goliath Bot

Well, Brexit has begun. Two years of interesting negotiations, debates and edicts I am sure we’ll be left with on not-so-silver platters. Maybe we have aces hidden up our sleeves with other global powers, but the neighbours are getting restless. The day after the referendum vote, I woke up with a dream rattling round my head. It was something of a dystopian future. A drone camera followed a lone Trabant along the A316 along the section next to Twickenham Rugby

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The EU Referendum

Follow Your Dreams

A War of Propaganda The EU Referendum on 23 June 2016 is hailed as the most significant date in recent history for the UK. It is decision-day, to remain in the EU, or to leave. It’s an IN/OUT choice, binary; an A/B Test at its core. However, the reality of the situation is much more complex. There is a spectrum between in and out, ranging from all in (which we aren’t at the moment) to all out with a few

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