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    The Essential Role of Vitamin D for Immune Response

    A friend sent me a video this week showing Dr JoAnn Manson discussing the efficacy of Vitamin D against COVID-19. The video was produced in May 2020 and you can watch it in full here. It is about 5 minutes long but I can’t embed it here. A recent study (published May 2021) supports this showing a 78% lower risk of death with Vitamin D. The video discusses the role of Vitamin D in the immune response against viruses based on clinical trials (and not just COVID-19) as well as how it benefits bone health and more. As health should be our number one priority since it is the foundation…

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    App Review: HIIT by Down Dog

    Down Dog are possibly most well-known for their yoga app (hence the name – it’s a pose in yoga), but recently they have released a slew of related health-and-fitness apps which have been up to the same excellent levels of craftsmanship. I use the yoga app and recently added their HIIT and meditation apps to my roster. This review is about the HIIT app. For a long time, I have not settled on a preferred fitness app. I have been into running recently, tried push-up quests and a variety of styles over the years. But with the very cold winter weather, plus the heavy rains, I decided running was not…

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    My Fitness Journey: Running and Wellness

    My fitness journey has been stop/start for years. I know it is essential to keep fit, raise the heart rate and push the body. It keeps things working in the long-term and helps restore the balance. The body was used to labouring in ancient times – the hunter/gatherer required us to be active – and the body is designed to deliver. But in today’s sedentary times where we have “the good life” (if we’re fortunate enough) we have to bolt on exercise to our regular daily routine. And that’s when it can feel like a chore and we find excuses not to do it. And that’s OK as long as…

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    How to Become Extraordinary by Design

    I seem to be immersed in the Mindvalley approach to living at the moment. I am studying an old Extraordinary by Design course which, I think, was supplemental material from when I bought the Code of the Extraordinary Mind when it was first released. It has taken me some time to get around to it! The course is broken into 12 modules, each reflecting the 12 areas of life we should all seek to improve ourselves in, set goals in, and seek balance in. To live a fulfilling life we should seek to balance the 12 areas and, by doing so, often find more opportunities arise and more abundance manifests…

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    A Stroke of Luck? 9 Keys to Surviving a Hemorrhagic Stroke

    On Wednesday 15 January 2020 I suffered a minor hemorrhagic stroke in the afternoon. It had shown itself earlier at work and, thinking about how I felt over the preceding month, had been trying to warn me of its arrival. It was a huge shock and it made me realise just how fragile life is and that my priorities were way off from where they should be, despite all the learning I had taken in from self-help books about creating a balanced life and despite what I said was important yet clearly did not honour my words. The Wrong Life I said health was my priority, but in reality, I…

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    Polar Loop and Other Obsessions

    Always on. Always moving. Am I? I went on holiday to Spain about a month ago and was impressed by the presence and scope of sports in Barcelona. There was a whole department store dedicated to sports (Corte Ingles) – 4 large floors of everything from running gear to golf, swimming, trekking, shooting, skateboarding and more – along with numerous outlets for training shoes. Keeping fit seemed more of a way of life and, as somebody who keeps fit in order to better handle life’s challenges, I felt a bit like a kid in a candy store.

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    It’s never too late to get fit

    Exercise is key to happy and healthy old age according to the latest research. So what are you waiting for? Those who are active as pensioners can stave off major illnesses such as heart disease and dementia. An eight-year British study found that those who exercised at least once a week were between three and seven times more likely to be classed as “healthy agers”.

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    App Review: Polar Beat (iOS)

    As you know, I started taking health and fitness more seriously a couple of years ago when I hired a personal trainer. I have always been conscious of health and tried to balance out my diet and avoid the nasty things that often find their way into the foods we eat. Working out once a week helps keep me on track but you need some help along the way. Part 5 – this post – was intended to be a review of 4 more apps. However, since I have now deleted one of these (Weightplan) as it introduced a slew of in-app paid upgrades to access the key features, its…

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    Health and Fitness Apps (iOS) Part 4

    Apps Reviewed: PR Fitness, Sleep Talk, Pocket CPR, Pedometer GPS+ This is part 4 of a summary of the apps I use to help me workout and add fresh ideas to my workouts to keep it interesting. The order I am working through is based on the frequency I use the apps or the importance I attribute them. Each post covers 4 apps, so there will be 5 posts in total. Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4 • Part 5 App icons are links to the Apple Store. Disclaimer Before you start any exercise program or make any changes in your lifestyle and diet you…

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    Health and Fitness Apps (iOS) Part 3

    App reviews of Footsteps, TabataTrainer, Workout Hero, NHS Blood Getting fit has never been easy, and while this is mainly due to motivation and trying to adapt to introducing a massive change in your life (instead of small incremental steps), there are a plethora of tools and apps available today to help you on the road to fitness. I’ve used a few and have a kit-bag of apps on my iPhone to help keep me on track or provide a diversion to my usual program to break up the monotony. As you know, I started taking health and fitness more seriously a couple of years ago when I hired a…