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    Finding Authenticity – On Becoming Human One Year On

    In late 2018, I decided I needed to learn more about business as I was running a small restaurant group and needed to fill in a few gaps in my skillset. I also felt overwhelmed and had experienced a series of – for me – significantly stressful events in the course of the business operation. I was working 80+ hours a week with no days off (and have done for 5 years now). I was not in my happy place but resigned myself to the fact that it was “just business” and that’s what being an entrepreneur was all about. But something gnawed at my soul. I saw other entrepreneurs…

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    Real Magic

    Excellent read. This reminded me a lot of Stealing Fire (which I read recently), though it approaches the state of ekstasis (here gnosis, or the state of oneness) from a different perspective. In this book, the underlying principle is that magick (sic) is real, the universe is built on the fundamental basis of a single oneness, and that this oneness pervades all things. “Magick” in this context is defined as the principles and practice of accessing this state (and meditation counts). The book discusses many experiments that have been done, much of the research that has been published in revered scientific journals, and much of the bad press that is…