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Is Reality Really Real?

A recent experiment by researchers at ANU (Australian National University) into the quantum behaviour of particles seems to suggest that reality appears not to exist until it is actually measured. According to [Associate Professor Andrew] Truscott, the results mean that if you choose to believe that the single atom really did take a particular path (or paths), then you have to accept that a future measurement is affecting the atom’s past.

Old World, New Order

We are connected. Technology connects us, enables us, informs us, educates us, and entertains us. It’s not equal, not everybody has access and not everybody uses technology the same way: Different economies, different cultures, different expectations. It’s easy to assume global uniformity, but we must adapt to the local environmental considerations. Wherever you look, technology (not just the Web) enables communities in radical ways, from simple text-messaging news systems connecting remote communities in India, to full-streaming live video in the always-on super-connected (generally affluent) ever-spreading hubs in other corners of the world.