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Ask me Anything for Q&A Chewsdays

New for 2021. Ask me Anything. Every Tuesday – time and questions permitting – I will answer your burning restaurant-related questions. This may be via

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Types of Restaurant Finance

There is one key driver in the restaurant business – cash flow. If the cash is not flowing, the restaurant is not growing. And from

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Another Year, Another Restaurant Scam

In the restaurant business, we learn about hospitality. We learn about finance. We learn about marketing. We learn (a lot) about operations as there are

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Why we left Quandoo

Quandoo was born in Germany and set out to ‘disrupt’ the restaurant reservations space since competitors like Open Table were charging a fortune for the

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The Top 35 Restaurant Etiquette Fails

According to the Telegraph, these are the ‘top 35 most irritating restaurant faux-pas’. They go on to say … If you’re reading this while dining