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Has TripAdvisor lost its relevance?

As a restaurateur with two businesses listed on TripAdvisor, we noticed a change when Priceline bought TripAdvisor. Apart from the modernised interface, the slight colour


Advice for Coping with Online Trolls

I read a letter from Tucker Max in the book Choose Yourself! which I thought totally on point about dealing with negative online trolls. It

Should TripAdvisor be regulated?

TripAdvisor has its good points, but also its bad points. It has grown so large that it has absolute decree on everything it does with

The Restaurant Delivery Market 2016Q3

Since my last post on restaurant delivery services in London (2016Q1), uberEATS have launched. There are still a plethora of players in the market (including

A Brief Lesson in Restaurant Economics

Or why your Espresso costs that much. Back in December 2015, Hannah C from North Yorkshire left an angry TripAdvisor review for Bennett’s Cafe and

The Restaurant Delivery Market 2016Q1

In October 2015 I wrote about the restaurant delivery market in London and made a few predictions. The market has changed quickly with the most

The Restaurant Delivery Market 2015Q4

In today’s restaurant delivery market in London and the UK, there are a plethora of players competing for your dine-at-home desires. Some are exclusively in

The Tip of the Hospitality Iceberg

Tips. They have been the hot topic this week in the UK with major chains coming under fire for not passing on all – if