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Transpersonal Psychology

The Spirit, Reincarnation & Multiverses

Some background reading before my thoughts …

From Excession; Iain M Banks

The usual way to explain it was by analogy; this was how the idea was introduced to you as a child. Imagine you were travelling through space and you came to this planet which was very big and almost perfectly smooth and on which there lived creatures who were composed of one layer of atoms; in effect, two-dimensional. These creatures would be born, live and die like us and they might well possess genuine intelligence. They would, initially, have no idea or grasp of the third dimension, but they would be able to live perfectly well in their two dimensions. To them, a line would be like a wall across their world (or, from the end, it would look like a point). An unbroken circle would be like a locked room.


The Multiverse

Alan Guth, the discoverer of cosmic inflation, gave a talk at MIT on November 1, which convinced me, a natural sceptic about these issues, that the multiverse may very well exist. Two routes to the multiverse were never to my liking.

[Becoming] Cosmic Citizens

Our remarkable species has existed in its present form for about 100,000 years. That’s about 0.0025% of the total time that we think life has existed on this planet. We, and the vast network of life around us, occupy barely a couple of percent of the volume of this world – its surface, a few kilometers into its subsurface, and some way up into its tenuous atmosphere.