The Best Personal Development Coaching?

The best personal development coaching is, without any doubt, experienced and delivered one-to-one with your own dedicated coach. The sessions are personalised and tailored to your exact needs and the accountability boost you get is invaluable (contact me for more details).

However, there are many other ways to receive personal development which range from group coaching to live personal development coaching, to pre-recorded personal development training, to books and audiobooks, to YouTube, and then talking to your friends. Roughly in that order of effectiveness.

When people ask me where I get coached, my answer is that it’s a combination of all of the above. Every author or presenter is a mentor at some level.

But, there is one programme I joined at the end of 2020 which has been a stand-out for me, both in terms of the content and value. It’s called GrowthDay and has been created by Brendon Burchard (whose many books and courses I have already reviewed on this site).


GrowthDay is LIVE coaching from the world’s best personal development teachers, trainers and leaders and happens twice per week, every week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

The sessions are about an hour, but often run to 90 minutes, and are delivered by the leading personal development teachers in the world today. Plus, all the recordings are available to you in the members’ area to revisit when you want.

In addition, Brendon Burchard gives a 2-hour keynote on the 1st of every month to set the scene and theme for the month (February is on confidence) as well as introducing each session. There are also daily 30-minute ‘morning shows’ with Jamie Kern Lima (Billionaire founder of IT Cosmetics and author of the book, Believe IT!)

Guidance, Direction and Coaching from Experts

Many of the world’s most motivating experts and personal growth coaches are onboard to present to us throughout the year, including:

  • Mel Robbins: New York Times bestselling author of “The 5 Second Rule.”
  • Jamie Kern Lima: Billionaire founder of IT Cosmetics and author of the book, Believe IT!
  • Gloria Atanmo: Creativity expert, designer and activist.
  • David Bach, the world’s leading personal finance teacher with ten New York Times bestsellers!
  • Dave Hollis: Podcaster and New York Times bestselling author of “Get Out of Your Own Way.”
  • Anthony Trucks, former NFL player and American Ninja Warrior.
  • Jenna Kutcher, host of The Goal Digger podcast, the #1 marketing podcast in the country.
  • Alex Ortner: Co-Founder of Tapping Solution App.
  • And more to be announced.

I debated over joining, but after the 4-hour special featuring all of the above experts on New Year’s Day who provided a ton of value (which is also recorded and available in the members’ area) and then discovering the program was available for only US$299 for the whole year, I joined the same day.

Oh, and there’s an app coming out in April to support this (at the moment it’s delivered through the browser), a dedicated and active community site (goodbye Facebook groups), and if you become a VIP member (which costs a little more) you have the sessions delivered via Zoom and the opportunity to have Q&A with the speakers.

You don’t have to attend every session and can pick and choose who you want to tune in to, but remember you will get the most out of it if you treat it as education, not entertainment. Tune in, take notes, and implement strategies you learn.

So far this month I have attended sessions from:

  • Dave Hollis who provided some great tools for how to address fear, build confidence and deal with worry and anxiety;
  • David Bach on financial confidence;
  • Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project on reframing not being confident and a set of techniques to develop it in the face of overwhelm;
  • Alex Ortner discussing EFT (Tapping) and applying it to becoming more confident.

And it’s only half way through the month!

The next half of the month has Mel Robbins, Jenna Kutcher, Anthony Trucks and Gloria Atanmo lined up. Can’t wait!

I earn a commission if you do decide to sign-up, but you will also have access to the referral program once you sign up. I think the program is great, which is why I’m recommending it on my own coaching site!

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