The Mystery of the Soul

There are many – sometimes conflicting – beliefs surrounding the soul. But which one is right?

“Everybody has a soul.” “The soul is immortal.” “Some believe it to come into existence only when the body first takes a breath of life.” “The soul can unite with the divine.” “Everything has a soul.” “Only humans have a soul.”

the immortal soul

If you consider it to be an immortal form of existence outside the confines of a physical body which only acts as its vessel while the body is functioning, then where do “they” (these souls) come from originally? And why would “they” stick to one physical vessel?

the divine soul

If souls are aspects of the divine, then are we diluting divinity as the population grows and more aspects of the divinity are required to sustain the population of the planet? Or is there a migration from some other region of the universe and “they” (these souls) are choosing to settle here on this planet, so causing the population growth as they need hosts?

the entropic soul

Or is there a finite soul quota or soul energy quotient that exists in the Earth’s space-time, and the increase in one species population and the decline in another’s keeps the balance of this quota?

the quantum soul

Or is the soul simply a metaphysical construct created by man to help him cope with the vastness of everything and the hidden complexity behind it all? And will we one day scientifically greet this magical entity, or disprove its existence?

Without quantifiable proof (science) we only have debate (philosophy) to guide us in a topic which has fuelled discussion since fires were first kindled and man tried to understand his place in the cosmos. Yet as much as we are open to philosophical debate, our personal mystery of the soul is ultimately determined by our own unquantifiable choice (belief).

The more I think about this the more I am inclined to believe that the soul is just another anthropomorphic concept created by mankind to try to make sense of the energetic nature of our being. However, as it has become ascribed and associated with religious doctrine, it has taken on a reverence beyond question which demands only dogmatic belief.

The central issue is one of quantity. Where do they souls come from and where do they go? It is a nice, convenient concept that helps us cope. It allows for the notion of reincarnation, and also the controlling beliefs of heaven and hell to try to impose some form of order on the chaos that is humanity. But when we look at the math, the idea of a singular entity that is a soul falls apart. The alternative is an energy field which stretches throughout the universe which has higher density around physical matter and which interacts with the physical universe in ways we are only beginning to understand. This concept holds true at all scales – and may well equate with gravity – as it can be seen in planets, stars, galaxies and galaxy clusters. “We are all made of stars” as a song once said.

So what then of reincarnation? As the energy grid is continuous it records the experiences of the temporary clumped matter entities – whether they be human, other flora and fauna, or even suns and galaxies – in what some refer to as the Akashic Records. This is, in essence, a record of everything that was and memory of past lives is then the ability to access certain entries within the records. This requires a special connection between the material form (the body) and the energetic substrate (the soul) but most of us do not possess the ability to make this connection which is why it is often considered fringe science. As we are “self” oriented, we choose to talk about this connection referring to “my” past life, when it is just a random connection.

The interesting part of this is that, as the Dalai Lama once said in an audience many years ago in Wembley before it was knocked down to become the new complex today, this is the total interconnectedness of all things. Our “soul” is a continuum which connects, records and informs us eternally. It is the life of the universe. For some, this is interpreted as “God”, the power, the creator – another anthropomorphism, another “self” oriented concept. Yet, it is also “us”, collectively. As the metaphysics are quoted: We are all one in god, and god is one in all mankind.

For me, this was an epiphany, though it is not a new concept and is found in many spiritual beliefs and religions. But today, I felt I understood it. It made sense – the pieces came together and I knew it to be so. An energetic part of me is as much a part of Orion’s Belt as it is my big toe. The quantum entanglement is exhilarating! My physical form may be temporary but “my” soul (energy) is eternal.