Transformation Week

I took transformation week (by Brendon Burchard) at the start of 2019, shortly after I started my journey to become better in all areas of my life. I hoped it would help me jump-start my progress toward my goals. It didn’t, because only we have the power to decide to choose to do this, but it does provide the framework and tools to help you on your way.

Transformation Week (which you can also join for free here) takes you through 7 days of learning based around the 6 habits of high performing people from his book of the same name. You can listen to the book for free on Brendon’s podcast which is linked on his HPX Tools page. The 7th day is about commitment which echoes my comment above that on.

Will it transform your life in 7 days?

No, but Transformation Week is an introduction to Brendon’s 6 High-Performance Habits with depth and takeaways you can apply to your life straight away. This foundation programme can help you structure a plan to improve every area of your life and, if you adopt this methodology, go on to achieve great success.

The Transformation Week Programme

  • Day 1 – Clarity
  • Day 2 – Energy
  • Day 3 – Discipline
  • Day 4 – Productivity
  • Day 5 – Influence
  • Day 6 – Courage
  • Day 7 – Commitment

You will take a Whole Life Assessment to gain insight into the areas you may need to plan some work in, a grounding in Primary Aspiration Theory and how to draw your own intersecting Vision Circles (a deeper look at your life vision as not just a singular thing).

Brendon’s Whole Life Assessment categorises your life into the following 10 areas and asks you to consider how well you think you are doing in each area. This gives you your starting blueprint to consider the 6 areas of the course against.

  1. Health
  2. Mental / Emotional
  3. Partner / Significant Other
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. Mission
  7. Experiences
  8. Spirit
  9. Finances
  10. Learning

When I took the course, each day has a bonus or two for good measure. You get journal templates taken from his High-Performance Planner, excerpts from his book, as well as grids and worksheets to complete as part of your immersive experience. Like any good course, the act of doing the work and not just reading or listening helps you embed the learning and practices into your life. It asks some tough questions and makes you reflect on who you want to become.

I found this course very useful and it helped me stop, think and evaluate areas of my life that were undernourished. For an hour per day, it’s well worth jumping on board.

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