Why Affirmations Are So Powerful (with Download)

Reprogram Your Mind Video

In the video above, Marisa Peer, a renowned and respected therapist with over 30 years of experience, sets out the fundamental reasons behind the mind’s machinations. There are 11 principle rules behind why you get the results you do, and why affirmations are a simple, yet powerful tool to help you reframe your beliefs.

Later in the video, Marisa goes on to talk about how children perceive the world and sets out, albeit briefly, 14 key points as to how they understand the world. It is very informative – whether you are a parent or want more understanding of why or how you became the way you are. I learned a couple of insights about my childhood that I had not considered before – a light came on and I can reframe limiting beliefs I did not even realise I carried.

I will summarise my understanding of the video here. Please watch it as the anecdotes are revealing and Marisa explains the whole process brilliantly.

Every thought you think forms a blueprint which the mind makes real

Marisa Peer

The essence of the 11 rules is in this quote: Every thought you think forms a blueprint that the mind makes real. The mind does not distinguish between right and wrong, good or bad. It just deals in pictures and words and takes what you say you want to be a thing the mind must make real.

However, the broader the input, the more broad the output. Think of a genie that grants wishes and the well-used phrase: “Be careful what you wish for.” Well, the mind is your genie and what you tell it, it will work out a way – any way – to manifest it. You might have a fear of public speaking and really want to avoid the presentation you have to give on Friday. Mysteriously, you get diarrhoea that morning. Your mind found a way to get you out of the presentation.

The more you repeat your intention – good or bad – the more you build a blueprint from these words, and your mind works out a way to create it for you, though it might not be how you expect.

By understanding the power of the subconscious in this way, we learn that by reframing the words we tell ourselves into positive affirmations we can create the intended outcome we want. We need to get specific and consciously choose what we want to create in our world.

Thoughts lead to Feelings lead to Actions lead to Results

This has been said many times by many different coaches and is at the root of this rationale. The thoughts are the first thing which drives the whole chain. The thoughts create emotions – how we feel – which then produce actions, which then produce results. If our thoughts are not clear and in some way negative, the emotions won’t be positive or clear, which can lead to lacklustre actions – self-sabotage springs to mind – and the results will probably end up the way we thought. It’s like the self-fulfilling prophecy where we think it won’t turn out OK, then it doesn’t and we then say “I knew I wouldn’t (fill in the blank here).”

Psychology is clear on this, as Marisa explains, so using affirmations is an excellent way to nudge the subconscious back in the right direction.

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Using Affirmations

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