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“What do I need to do?” It’s almost always the wrong question that an entrepreneur or a business leader asks when creativity seems to have been lost. When you’re stuck and the journals and books you’ve been reading and going to the masterminds and conventions and seminars you’ve been attending haven’t led to any breakthroughs. When your notepads full of “proven best practices” should have brought you to the next level but haven’t.

In this paradigm-shifting work, serial entrepreneur Patrick Gentempo explains why the primary question you need to ask as a business leader is “Who should we be?” 

While it makes sense and may sound pretty easy, it’s actually one of the hardest questions an entrepreneur can ask no matter the scale of business they are running. In Your Stand Is Your Brand, you’ll learn about:

Maximum tension, the greatest barrier to entrepreneurial growth 
The 5-P Expansion Sequence, a tried-and-true model tracking the steps from philosophy to prosperity
Digging into the soul of your business so it can find its transformative process for serious breakthrough
How to face the fire and embrace creative destruction.

And much more

This is not your typical business success book, it is a source of inspiration that will keep you reading and winning in transformative ways that aren’t available to you right now. So, let’s begin the process to revolutionize your business and your life.

Outstanding and pivotal.

This book applies as equally to personal development as it does to business since Your Stand is routed in your own identity. I found it to be ‘the missing link’ in my personal journey and Patrick’s 5P Expansion Sequence is one which is easy to understand yet requires focused effort by the individual (or business team) to truly dig deep and understand your inner workings and then apply conscious choice to embrace your truth, instead of unconscious choice and operate with your conditioned choices which are often in conflict and, ultimately, lead to your lack of success in any or all areas of your life.

The book discusses values and their importance to success but goes one step further in identifying that our values actually spring from one branch of philosophy – ethics – and that the five principal fields of philosophy (Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Politics and Metaphysics) underpin our whole being and outlook on life. By understanding and defining our own philosophy in these five areas, as well as our values, our life is able to flow more freely from our own truth and what we stand for (our purpose), and prosperity is within our grasp. The 5Ps are:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Purpose
  3. Psychology
  4. Procedures
  5. Prosperity

And they are in that order. Philsophy is our foundation.

Patrick discusses the ride of the self-help junkie (which we all have been part of) which leads us from book to book in search of the magic pill. Each book gives us a dopamine hit, a feel-good moment in time which improves our mood, or our psychology.

But the underlying philosophy and purpose in our life are not aligned and we rarely apply any of the contents to our lives and just move on to the next (see also Why Self-Help Books Don’t Work and Further Thoughts on the Journey). I am guilty of this to some extent as you can see from all my book reviews, but I have understood this flaw and study some books in more depth (as discussed on How to Take in More Information from an Audiobook) and books like Your Stand is Your Brand has made it to my study list.

We need to do our inner work and spend time on our philosophy and purpose, define our values and know what we stand for. This can be something simple – it doesn’t have to be world-changing – or something big, and by doing this inner work we find our inner spark, our own magic and the rest follows. Our psychology improves, we find the right procedures to apply to focus our inner selves and prosperity follows.

There is more to this than meets the eye and the book goes further on each point of the sequence. Also, at the time of writing this review, Patrick is offering access to an 80-minute presentation he did at GeniusX on this content which dives deeper into the concepts. This is free if you buy the book and register on his website but will only be around for a limited time.

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